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the fifth mode
the fifth note of the pentatonic major scale
the fifth mode is based on the fifth note of the pentatonic major scale.
in g, the fifth mode looks like this (standard notation and one-string tab):

the scale box for the fifth mode looks like this:

to play this scale in g, play the box with the first note at the twelfth fret.
the most popular way of playing this scale is shown below:

as you can see, this scale is similar to the one shown above, but it begins and ends on the root. this is a very easy way to play scales fast, but because it is so easy to use, it has been overused in rock music. listen to any of the solos on hootie's cracked rear view album and you will hear pentatonic. he doesn't use anyhing else. but this scale is a good way to get started in soloing. notice its similarities to the aeolian mode of the major scale. you can change it around a little by adding the notes played in the aeolian scale (the fourth and seventh) and that will make it sound more interesting. have fun with this, and good luck!
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