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Due to final exams, I have disabled the e-mail function of my web page. If you wish to contact me, please come back on July 5 and the address will be restored. You won't get an answer before then anyway. If you have questions, consult the FAQ. Thank you for your cooperation.
Due to the large amount of e-mail I receive, I am putting up this page to try to answer your questions before you e-mail me. I greatly appreciate all the thank you notes and comments that I receive; please continue to send them. However, before you ask a question, please read the two pages listed below. If you ask a question covered in my FAQ, or if I have a specific page dedicated to the question, I will ignore your e-mail. Once you have read all the information below, click on the link at the bottom of the page to send e-mail. I will be glad to answer your question. Thanks!

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