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Dansm's Guide to Barre Chords

Welcome to Dansm's Guide to Barre Chords! My name is Dan Smith, I'm a senior at Cornell, and I've been playing guitar for 4 years. This page is designed to help beginners learn to play barre chords. Barre chords are a very difficult but immensely important part of playing guitar. Expect them to take time to be able to play. I hope this page helps you! If you are a beginner, you may want to check out my beginner's page, because it will give you some more playing instruction. Good luck, have fun, and keep playin!
Help with Barre Chords

What Are Barre Chords?
an explanation of what the heck a barre chord is

The Barring Finger
a lesson on how to barre with your index finger

Barre Chord Notation
an explanation of the notation used on these pages

E-Derived Barre Chords

The F# Minor Chord
formed 244222

The F# Major Chord
formed 244322

The F# Seventh Chord
formed 242322

The F# Minor Seventh Chord
formed 242222

A-Derived Barre Chords

The B Minor Chord
formed x24432

The B Major Chord
formed x24442

The B Seventh Chord
formed x24242

The B Minor Seventh Chord
formed x24232

Understanding Barre Chords

Barre Chord Theory
translate the few chords you learned above into every possible barre chord

Strumming Patterns
once you know how to play barre chords, go here to learn how to strum!

Acoustic Songs
once you know how to play barre chords, go here to learn how to play some songs!

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