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Photo Desktop Wallpapers
Photo Desktop Wallpapers
Admit it — you're sick of those same-old, same-old Windows wallpapers. For a refreshing change, download a desktop wallpaper from Scenic New England Photography!
Each horizontal-aspect photo in our gallery is available as a wallpaper. Whether you choose the free image or the high-quality version, you'll love your new wallpaper. You might even wear out the "Show Desktop" button.
Free or ?
Which version should you choose? Our free wallpaper is pixels, large enough to fill many desktop sizes. It is labelled with a description of the photo and embossed with our logo. Our free wallpaper is saved in a medium-quality Level 4 JPEG format, and is compatible with all computer systems.
On the other hand, our high-quality wallpaper costs just and is available in sizes up to pixels, large enough to fill almost all desktop sizes. The wallpaper is labelled but lacks the logo, is saved in the high-quality Level 8 JPEG format, and is compatible with all computer systems.
Custom Desktop Wallpapers
If your desktop is very large or a non-standard size (like a widescreen), we can create a custom wallpaper set for your desktop. Choose your favorite images and we'll create wallpapers of any size and shape, saved as a maximum-quality Photoshop Level 10 JPEG. A custom wallpaper set costs just . Contact us directly to discuss your custom wallpaper set.
Item Price
Free Wallpaper free
High-Quality Wallpaper
Custom Wallpaper Set
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