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Photo Screen Savers
Photo Screen Savers
Turn your monitor into an ever-changing photo gallery with screen savers from Scenic New England Photography. Our Windows® screen savers are available in both free and higher-quality versions. Your friends and co-workers will wonder aloud: "where did you get that screen saver?"
Our Screen Savers work on Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, and Vista. Unfortunately we do not offer a Mac-compatible Screen Saver at this time.
To add a screen saver to your cart, visit our Screen Saver Collection. You can also use the "Add to Cart: Screen Saver" icon once you've found an image you like.
Free or High-Quality?
Which version is right for you? Our Free Screen Savers fill screens up to pixels, while our High-Quality Screen Savers are larger and fill screens to pixels. For your information, your screen size is set at pixels.
Our Free Screen Savers contain 10-13 images, and each photo is embossed with our logo. In contrast, our High-Quality Screen Savers contain 30-40 images, with no logo, and cost just .
No matter which you choose, each photo is labelled with a description and offers excellent image quality. They're a complete photo gallery on your desktop!
Item Price
Free Screen Saver free
High-Quality Screen Saver
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