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iPhone Wallpapers
iPhone Wallpapers
Like everyone else, you love to show off your iPhone. Do it in style with an iPhone wallpaper from Scenic New England Photography!
We have carefully selected photos from our library to fit the iPhone's two primary screens, the Home Screen and the Lock Screen. See all the photos we've selected in our iPhone wallpaper gallery.
Will my Wallpaper Work on the iPhone 3G and 4?
All our wallpapers are designed for the improved screen of the iPhone 4. However, they will also work on older iPhones — the phone will resize the image to fit for you.
Home Screen or Lock Screen?
We have tested each image on the iPhone 4 to determine its appearance as both a Home Screen (the screen behind your app icons) and a Lock Screen (the screen you see when you wake up your phone and "Slide to Unlock"). Our ratings appear under each image in the gallery! See example images of each screen and download a sample.
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