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About the Photographer: Daniel E. Smith
Photograph by Edward Smith
Daniel E. Smith is the creative force behind Scenic New England Photography. His passion for the outdoors allows him to produce stunning, unique images in a variety of environments. An accomplished sea kayaker and experienced backpacker, Dan utilizes these talents to access destinations most only dream of.
Born and raised in upstate New York, Dan grew up playing in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, canoeing and hiking near the family's weekend cabin. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology from Cornell University, he moved to Massachusetts to pursue a graduate degree at Harvard. During this time, his passion for both photography and kayaking blossomed.
After graduate school, Dan began working as a kayak instructor and graphic/web designer for Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Newton, Mass., building his paddling skills for ever-more-exciting adventures. He purchased his first digital camera, a Nikon D70, and dove passionately into photography. Naturally, as a kayaker, seascapes were his favorite subject, but Dan also honed his skills in the concrete landscapes of Boston and at the waterfalls of New Hampshire's White Mountains.
After paddling the vast majority of the Maine Island Trail over the course of several years, Dan looked to new horizons
Photograph by Daniel E. Smith
and began hiking and backpacking, opening up an entirely new world of mountain landscape photography.
In 2007, Dan founded Scenic New England Photography to share his images with others. In 2012, he upgraded his camera to a Nikon D800 and replaced his entire lens kit to better reflect his style of photography: primarily wide-angle images that incorporate close-up detail in big scenes.
Dan's photographs have appeared in such well-known publications as National Geographic Adventure and the New York Times. His work has appeared on the cover of the Maine Island Trail Association Guidebook (2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012) and of Atlantic Coastal Kayaker magazine (three times).
In 2013, Dan moved to the Portland, Maine, area to be closer to the coastline that he loves. His trips included hiking the Knife Edge of Katahdin and a three-day kayak circumnavigation of Vinalhaven Island. Keep abreast of his latest exploits by following Scenic New England Photography on Flickr and Facebook!
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