Eagles Guitar Tabs
Bernie Leadon
Bernie Leadon
Member 1972-1975
Glenn Frey
Glenn Frey
Member 1972-present
Don Felder
Don Felder
Member 1974-present

Welcome to Dansm's Eagles Tab Page, the only real source on the internet for guitar parts to Eagles songs. I have played guitar for about 5 years, and I'm really into the Eagles. I've figured out a bunch of Eagles songs and put them up here for you guys to check out. I hope you have tons of fun here! I'll frequently add songs, so don't forget to bookmark me and come back. If you have a problem reading one of my songs, check out my key to chords or my key to tabs. I have really tried hard to produce accurate guitar parts and easy-to-read tabs, so I hope you guys notice the efforts I have made. If you have any questions regarding guitar playing or the Eagles in general, please e-mail me and I'll be glad to help!

Now, a note about my songs. If you're here, you know that some Eagles songs emphasize acoustic chords, while others are driven by electric parts. I've tried to make my tabs follow this emphasis. If a song contains an acoustic guitar playing chords, such as my favorite Eagles song to play, Tequila Sunrise, I'll post its chord chart on my page. If it doesn't, like Life in the Fast Lane, then I'll try to write out the electric parts in tab format. So keep this in mind as you view these songs, and please don't ask me for the chords to The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks or One of These Nights :-). Also, please realize that these tabs were designed for a monitor set at 600x800 resolution. If yours isn't, then you will have difficulty reading my tabs. I do this so it is easier to see my tabs, and so they are less confusing. Thank you for your understanding. So dust off that guitar and get ready to have some fun! Good luck, and take it easy!
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The tablature on this page is my own work and represents my interpretation of the song. The tablature on this site may be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. It may not be used in a commercial setting nor may it be reproduced or disseminated to others in any form, including printing this tablature or saving these files on your computer. These songs may not be performed for others without appropriate licensing from ASCAP/BMI.
After the Thrill is Gone

Already Gone

Best of my Love

Bitter Creek

Certain Kind of Fool



Get Over it

The Girl From Yesterday

Heartache Tonight

Hollywood Waltz

Hotel California (electric version)
HFO Acoustic Version

I Can't Tell You Why

In the City

I Wish You Peace

The Last Resort

Learn to be Still

Life in the Fast Lane

Love Will Keep Us Alive

Lyin' Eyes

Most Of Us Are Sad

My Man

New Kid in Town

Ol' 55

One of These Nights

On the Border

Out of Control

Outlaw Man

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Please Come Home For Christmas

The Sad Café

Saturday Night

Seven Bridges Road

Take it Easy

Take it to the Limit

Tequila Sunrise

Too Many Hands

Train Leaves Here This Morning


Victim of Love

Wasted Time

Witchy Woman

You Never Cry Like a Lover
Songs from Eagles Members' Solo Careers

The Heart of the Matter
Don Henley

The Last Worthless Evening
Don Henley

Help Me Through the Night
Joe Walsh

For more Joe Walsh tabs, try Nysse's Joe Walsh Tab Page.

Just so you guys know, my favorite tabs are Get Over It and Already Gone,
because I did them all myself and I think I did a pretty good job.
If you're an electric guitarist, check these out!
If you're into acoustic guitar, check out Saturday Night, Train Leaves Here This Morning,
and Tequila Sunrise! Also, check out my acoustic song page!

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