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Welcome to Dansm's Acoustic Musician Links! My name is Dan Smith, I'm a first-year grad student at Harvard, and I've been playing guitar for 5 years now. This page contains links to many of the acoustic musicians that I love to listen to. Obviously I don't have an exhaustive collection, but as I am exposed to more artists I will add more links. I also have a page of tabs to songs by most of these musicians, so check it out! Also, check out my songs, lyrics, and a performance schedule at Daniel Smith: Singer/Songwriter. Enjoy!

In Alphabetical Order by Artist

Greg Brown
Greg Brown Songs
Greg Brown writes some great modern acoustic blues and has a deep voice

The Jim Croce Home Page
Jim Croce Songs
I was introduced to Jim Croce through RMMGA, and I was delighted to find such awesome fingerpicking

Greg's Little John Denver Page
John Denver Songs
I used to listen to John when I was a kid and I still love his music
we love and miss you John

Dansm's Eagles Page
Eagles Songs
the Eagles are one of the great American bands

Vance Gilbert's Home Page
Vance Gilbert Songs
Vance has a blow-you-away-type voice and an incredible stage presence; great songs are a bonus too

The John Gorka Page
John Gorka Songs
I first saw John Gorka at Falcon Ridge, and his voice and songs blew me away

The Indigo Girls
Indigo Girls' Songs
these girls know how to sing, and they write some very energetic acoustic songs

Robert Johnson
Robert was one of the first Delta blues artists, and is one of Eric Clapton's idols

Phil Keaggy: Way Back Home
Keaggy is an absolutely incredible fingerstyle guitarist, and this page is run by a friend from Cornell

Led Zeppelin Songs
though Zep is noted for their electric songs, they did some wonderful acoustic stuff

Ellis Paul Songs
Ellis is probably the best songwriter I've heard, and he puts on a great live show

The Official Martin Sexton Website
Martin Sexton Songs
Martin writes incredible songs and has a golden baritone

Daniel Smith: Singer/Songwriter
My Lyrics
I play local solo acoustic gigs; go here for sound clips, lyrics, and a performance schedule!

The Music of Simon and Garfunkel
Simon & Garfunkel Songs
S&G got me interested in older acoustic music--they were the original pop masters

The James Taylor Home Page
James Taylor Songs
JT is one of my acoustic guitar idols

Brooks Williams Songs
Brooks is a phenomenal guitarist, a great vocalist, and a good songwriter with 8 albums to his credit

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