dansm's guide to hand care

the guitarist's guide to hand care
welcome to dansm's guide to hand care! my name is dan smith, i'm a first-year grad student at harvard, and i've been playing guitar for 5 years now. this page is designed to help guitarists understand what they can do to protect their hands from injury and to strengthen their hands for playing. if you find the information on these pages useful, or if you have any questions, please e-mail me. enjoy!

building and maintaining calluses
the easiest and fastest ways to get tougher fingertips

fingernail care
an overview of the many methods of fingernail care used by veteran guitarists

strengthening your hands
if your hand still hurts when you play those barre chords, this page will help your hand get stronger and prevent cramping

preventing wrist and hand injuries
injuries to your wrist, fingers, and hand can really put a damper on your playing, so use this page to learn to prevent them

warm-up exercises
exercises to improve your accuracy and prevent injury at the same time

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