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Below you will find lots of tab links. I've tried to encompass lots of different sites for lots of different bands, but I'm sure I haven't pleased everybody. I've also tried to put some files on my page that will help you as guitarists to understand tab better and to make your own tabs to share with the rest of the net guitar community. All my stuff is for a PC, so keep that in mind. Below you will find blank tab paper that you can write on, and it looks just like the sheets found in tab books (except it's blank). This should help anyone who is trying to figure out the tab to a song, because this is easier and faster than doing it on the computer. Once you have figured out a song, use the tablature program below to put it on your computer and send it to the rest of the net. Be sure to read the readme files for this program, because it's really easy to use once you know what you are doing.

Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Song Page dansm Dansm's Eagles Tabs
click here for chords and tabs to many different acoustic songs from many bands in all genres click here for chords and tabs to almost all the Eagles' songs

Dansm's Fingerpicking Lessons Dansm's Guitar Scale Lessons Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory Page
if you've ever wanted to fingerpick, these lessons for beginners will get you started lessons on major, minor, and pentatonic guitar scales and modes: the most important technique in guitar music theory lessons regarding guitar chords (Dsus4, D/F#, etc.) which are useful to all guitarists

Dansm's Beginner's Guide to Chords Dansm's Musical Notation for Guitar Dansm's Guitar Techniques
chord formation for beginners, covering both basic chords and barre chords to better understand tab notation, chord notation, or standard musical notation, visit this page! lessons on basic techniques: slide, bend, hammer-on & pull-off, etc.; great for beginners!

OLGA the online guitar archive. A great resource with tons of tabs. Also, try here if that doesn't work.

Damon's Chords and Lyrics a collection of basic chord files for a lot of songs and bands.

Rock Tabs Online a collection of hard rock/metal tabs.

Van Halen Tabs my friend Mike Uzi has a cool Van Halen page here, with lots of tabs updated frequently

Tabs tabs to every Nirvana song ever

Stone Temple Pilots Tabs tabs to lots of STP songs

Rabern's Tab Page tabs from many different bands: Hendrix, Candlebox, Alice in Chains, Metallica; his list is growing fast.

The Chordline a friend of mine from Germany has been putting together tons of tabs from many different bands

Guitar Tab HQ this guy has put together tab from about twenty different bands, so you might want to go here

Dave's Tab Page a compilation of tab sites for tons of bands

Soundgarden Tabs tabs of lots of Soundgarden songs from each of their albums

Metallica Tabs tabs to most Metallica songs can be found here

REM Tabs chords or tab to every REM song

U2 Tabs tons of U2 tabs

Tonart Music these guys have a lot of music and guitar-related stuff, including a great tab program

Cherry Lane Music You can order tab books here for many major artists, like Metallica, VH, and Soundgarden

Psychedelic Tab Page He's working on a collection of 60's psychedelic tabs, from Pink Floyd, Hendrix, etc.

Hal Leonard the publishers of Recorded Versions Guitar Tab

download (~4K) this is a blank tab sheet--print it out and write your own tabs (pkzipped Word document)

download tablature.exe (~46K) a great tab program--it's what I used for my Eagles tabs (self-extracting .exe for DOS)
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