Simon & Garfunkel
The Concert in Central Park

This is one of my favorite songs off the Concert album,
and one of the few that's not originally performed by
Paul Simon.  Garfunkel did it on one of his solo releases.
This is incredibly fast picking, so you'd better be ready!

INTRO This is not the exact tab, it is just a summary of the things he does during the intro, and you should figure out when he does them. Fsus2 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:---1-----1-----1-|---1-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-----1-| B:-----1-----1-----|-----1-----1-----|-------1-----1-----|-------1-----1-----| G:-------0-----0---|-------0-----0---|---------0-----0---|---------0-----0---| D:-3---------------|-3---------------|-2/3---------------|-2/3---------------| A:-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-------------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-------------------|
Simon just keeps picking these chords really fast. Fsus2 New York Bb Am Gm F C to your tall sky - line I come Am Bb flying in from London C to your door
F New York Bb Am Gm F C lookin' down on cen - tral park Dm Am Bb where they say you should not wander C F after dark
Continue simile New York like a scene from all those movies Dm Am Bb but you're real enough to me C but there's a heart Bb C F a heart that lives in New York
BRIDGE F a heart in New York Bb a rose on the street Gm Am Dm I write my song to that city heartbeat F a heart in New York Bb love in her eye Gm Am Dm C an open door and a friend for the night
F New York Bb Am Gm F C you got mo - ney on your mind Dm Am Bb and my words don't make a dime's C worth of difference Bb C G so here's to you New York Bb Am Gm C F F till end
CHORDS: Fsus2 xx3011 Bb x13331 Gm 355333 Click Here for Other Chords

Created on 5-3-97 by Daniel E. Smith.