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Dansm's Fingerpicking Lessons Dansm's Guitar Scale Lessons Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory Page
if you've ever wanted to fingerpick, these lessons for beginners will get you started lessons on major, minor, and pentatonic guitar scales and modes: the most important technique in guitar music theory lessons regarding guitar chords (Dsus4, D/F#, etc.) which are useful to all guitarists

Dansm's Beginner's Guide to Chords Dansm's Musical Notation for Guitar Dansm's Guitar Techniques
chord formation for beginners, covering both basic chords and barre chords to better understand tab notation, chord notation, or standard musical notation, visit this page! lessons on basic techniques: slide, bend, hammer-on & pull-off, etc.; great for beginners!

Musician's Friend Homepage
Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Page
my page dedicated to my favorite instrument: the acoustic guitar

Dansm's Advice for Beginning Guitarists
lessons taken from throughout my pages to lead you through the first two years of playing

Dansm's Strumming Patterns
a page of suggested strumming patterns to help beginners create their own patterns

Dansm's Guide to Hand Care
a collection of information on nail care, calluses, hand strength, and injury prevention

Dansm's Warm-Up Exercises
a collection of warm-up and practice exercises for guitar

Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Basics
articles and suggestions to help you learn more about guitar: humidity, strumming, capos, etc.; written by yours truly

Guitar Chord Listing
a listing of all common guitar chords

Music 101
lessons on scales, guitar chords, and theory--a great resource, but slow

Harmony-Central Guitar Lessons
a collection of many guitar lessons from chords to progressions to soloing

Dave's GTR Instruction
still more lessons tailored to your skill level

GuitarWorld Lessons
lessons from the pros--Kirk Hammett, Dimebag Darrell, etc. just click on "Lessons"

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