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Hi! Welcome to Dansm's Guitar Page. My name is Dan Smith, I'm a first-year grad student at Harvard, and I've been playing guitar for 5 years now. My first guitar was a Washburn D-10 acoustic, a great guitar for beginners. A year later I bought an electric and dove into Eagles electric parts. During the summer of '96 I went back to my musical roots: John Denver and Simon & Garfunkel; and started fingerpicking. I began singing and fell in love with my acoustic again. It's led me to start performing locally and to start writing a lot of songs, some of which will be featured at Daniel E. Smith: Singer/Songwriter.

This page went up in February '96, and it's slowly grown to be one of the largest guitar pages on the web, with a huge collection of lessons and the largest set of acoustic songs anywhere. I hope you enjoy what I've done. This site contains an acoustic guitar song page, links to other guitar sites, and lessons for all guitarists. It encompasses all types of music from rock to folk in all eras of modern music, focusing primarily on acoustic music. These pages incorporate fingerpicking and other techniques, so almost everyone can find something they like. Whether your favorite artist is James Taylor, Martin Sexton, or Nirvana, you can find material tailored to your needs and interests. The page is designed to help all guitarists have fun and make the most out of the instrument, so enjoy it!

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Dansm's Fingerpicking Lessons Dansm's Guitar Scale Lessons Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory Page
if you've ever wanted to fingerpick, these lessons for beginners will get you started lessons on major, minor, and pentatonic guitar scales and modes: the most important technique in guitar music theory lessons regarding guitar chords (Dsus4, D/F#, etc.) which are useful to all guitarists

Dansm's Beginner's Guide to Chords Dansm's Musical Notation for Guitar Dansm's Guitar Techniques
chord formation for beginners, covering both basic chords and barre chords to better understand tab notation, chord notation, or standard musical notation, visit this page! lessons on basic techniques: slide, bend, hammer-on & pull-off, etc.; great for beginners!

Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Page
my page dedicated to my favorite instrument: the acoustic guitar

Dansm's Acoustic Song Page
my collection of acoustic songs from many bands

Dansm's Eagles Page
chords or tab to lots of Eagles songs, plus links and more

Dansm's Lesson Links
improve your playing right at your computer from my lessons and more

Dansm's Tab Links
tabs to everything: Nirvana, Soundgarden, U2, REM, etc.

Dansm's Advice for Beginning Guitarists
lessons taken from throughout my pages to lead you through the first two years of playing

Dansm's Strumming Patterns
a page of suggested strumming patterns to help beginners create their own patterns

Dansm's Guide to Hand Care
a collection of information on nail care, calluses, hand strength, and injury prevention

Dansm's Warm-Up Exercises
a collection of warm-up and practice exercises for guitar

Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Basics
articles and suggestions to help you learn more about guitar: humidity, strumming, capos, etc.; written by yours truly

Dansm's Acoustic Guitar String Ratings
my ratings of every brand of string ever played on my Martin

Making an Acoustic Guitar
photos from the Martin Factory Tour CD-ROM outlining the guitar-manufacturing process

Guitar Freeware
the best freeware on the net for guitar: a tuner, metronome, tablature software, etc

Daniel E. Smith: Singer/Songwriter
I play local solo acoustic gigs; go here for sound clips, lyrics, and a performance schedule!

Guitar Chord Listing
a listing of all common guitar chords

Other Links

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Rumble Seat Music a cool guitar store in Ithaca, NY (where Cornell is) that specializes in used guitars

Chord Masters This guy has a program to automatically transpose chords to any key
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