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Welcome to my Eagles Page! I am Dan Smith, I'm a first-year grad student at Harvard, and I've been playing guitar for about 5 years. I really like the Eagles, so I've decided to put this out on the net. I hope you like what I've done! My page was designed so guitarists could have a site solely devoted to Eagles music. Below you'll find lots of guitar chords, tabs, and links to other pages. I've tried to include every Eagles page on the web, but if I missed any, please e-mail me with the URL. Guitarists may also be interested in the songs and lessons covered on my acoustic guitar page.

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Dansm's Eagles Tab Page
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Dansm's Eagles Links Page
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Impact of Eagles Music on People's Lives

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Midi file of The Girl From Yesterday, produced by Noah Sang.

Alternative music is an underachievers' industry. It basically says
"If you can make noise with something that resembles a musical instrument, you're in!"

-Barbara Fraser

Alternative culture is about being different, just like everybody else.
-Scott Showalter

There are two types of bad music in today's music scene:
people who don't play real instruments
and people who don't really know how to play their instruments.

-Dan Smith

Alternative music...alternative to what?
-Billy Joel

If alternative bands would spend less time on making themselves look HIDEOUS,
and devote that time instead to their instruments, they could possibly join the ranks
of true musicians instead of having to disparage virtuosity in order to
justify their own existences, and console themselves over their lack of talent.

-Leigh Anne

Legends Concert Posters
A site featuring a huge selection of concert posters, records, memorabilia, etc. from many bands, including the Eagles.
There are some really unique collectibles here!

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