John Gorka

John Gorka
After Yesterday
I first saw John Gorka almost a year ago at the 1998 Falcon Ridge
Folk Festival.  I received the album for Christmas of 1998, and
just fell in love with it.  The songs are wonderful, and his voice
is incredibly powerful.  I hope you enjoy this tune, which puts
another spin on God's view of organized religion.

P.S.  It's nice to be back on the 'net after a long leave of absence
  (and senior year is supposed to be easy?).

Note: make sure you read the chord chart below because some chords are non-standard.

Capo 5th INTRO: G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7
G Cmaj7 And the good Earth shook the day that Jesus was reborn G Cmaj7 In Anchorage March the Twenty-Seventh Nineteen Sixty-Four D/A B7 B6sus4 B7 When he came back this time though it was as a baby girl CaddG D (Dsus4) Her parents said her mission was the same: to save the world
God looked down and said "Oh the times they are a-changing I will send my only daughter as soon as I complete the staging" All the land shook and rolled and split there was no warning Except Gabriel had told the mother she'd arrive Good Friday morning
And so it came to pass that her parents named her Zuly A btight and happy child also willful and unruly Birds would come and visit her they wished they could take her with them When they left their roosts for winter she would always miss them
BRIDGE Em C Zuly won a scholarship though the classes mostly bored her E She loved the other students though and teachers all adored her Am D "We learned more from her" they said "than we could ever teach her B7 B6sus4 B7 Em(addG) C But there were times when we just could not reach her" D (Dsus4)
back to normal verse chords She said "we are here to love each other that is all And organized religion that's comparatively small Not that I don't love all those so-called Holy ones Why are there so few daughters among the leaders with my sons"
Now she runs a charter boat on Resurrection Bay She takes tourists to see the wild creatures every summer's day In fall she teaches bush kids at the boarding school in Sitka On those long December nights she is the light of winter G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 (repeat) end on G, then play this: e:--------------| B:--------------| G:--!-----------| D:-^7-----------| A:-^7-----------| E:-^7-----------|
G 320033 or 320003 Cmaj7 x32003 (he also uses Cadd9 here: x32033) D/A x00232 B7 x21202 B6sus4 x21000 To learn why these chords are named this way, check out
Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory.

Created on 4-22-99 by Daniel E. Smith.