Invisible City
Jakob Dylan

The Wallflowers
Bringing Down the Horse
I learned something the other day.  You guys probably
knew this years ago, but here goes: Jakob Dylan, the lead
singer for these guys, is Bob Dylan's son.  That's kinda
neat.  At least he sings better than his dad.  Keep it up
Jakob!  Have fun with this song.  It's a great one.
Lyrics by Randy Chase and Christine Consolvo.

Capo 2nd During the chorus and the solo, play G as xx5433 INTRO: D G D G + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-------2---------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B:-----3-----3-----|-------3-------3-|-------3---------|-------3-------3-| G:-----------------|-0---------0-----|-----------2-----|-0---------------| D:-0-----------0-4-|-----0-------0---|-0-----------0-4-|-------------0---| A:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D G D G + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B:-------3---------|-----3---------3-|-------3---------|---------------3-| G:-----2-----2-----|-0-----0---------|-----2-----------|-0---------------| D:-0-----------0-4-|-----------------|-0-----------0-4-|-----------------| A:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
For the first part of the verse, pick this similarly to the intro tab. From the F#, strum each chord once. D G Lookin' back at the crash site D G I don't see me by the roadside D F# Well this heart is on wheels tonight Bm G Straight through the ghettos and without lights D G Now every heart has a blind side D G Where it learns how to improvise D F# Well this place is a whorehouse tonight Bm A E/G# Cheaper lovers make expensive wives
CHORUS Bm D But all of these horses A F# That you chase around Bm A E/G# In the end they are the ones A D G That always bring you down D G In this invisible city D G Where no one sees nothing D A We're touching faces in the dark F# Bm A E/G# Feelin' pretty is so hard
D G D G D G Now all of these voices D G And all of these noises D F# With all their illusions of choices Bm G They've come to my door with one dozen roses D G The imitation of good faith D G Is how you stumble upon hate D F# It may have been the first of mistakes Bm A E/G# When we held on too loosely then opened the gates
Bm D A F# Bm A E/G# A D G
D G Now I try not to tell lies D G But there's pressures from inside D F# So I've learned how to compromise Bm A E/G# Good people for alibis
CHORDS: E/G# 4x2400 G xx5433 (in chorus and solo) For other chords go to my Key to Chords or my barre chord theory page.

Created on 5-8-97 by Daniel E. Smith.